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                About Us

                Cixi Ruiguang Communication Technology Co.. Ltd. is a pofessional enterprise devoted to the research, development, production, sale and maintenance of optical communication equipment. Our company produces various types of optical fiber rapid connectors and optical fiber distibution boxes by relying on our regional advantages and innovation ability and gathering professional talents specialized in mold design and manufacturing,macromolecular materials and optical fiber transmission. Supplier of optical fiber rapid connectors of China's three major operators?Cixi Ruiguang Communica- tion Technology Co., Ltd.

                Supplier of optical fiber rapid connectors of China's three major operators?Cixi Ruiguang Communication Technology Co., Ltd.


                Our ADVANTAGE

                R & D advantages

                Our company has excellent mold design and production, polymer materials, optical fiber transmission professionals, all products are made of imported high-strength engineering plastics

                Manufacturing advantage

                The overall structure design of all products such as optical fiber quick connectors and corridor boxes produced by the company is advanced and reasonable

                Service advantage

                We continue to create maximum value for customers with dedicated spirit, professional technology and serious attitude, and continue to win customer trust and recognition with quality.